Sunday, May 15, 2011

Asthma or Reflux?!?!?

Lyric has been battling a cough since the middle of January and we have seen her Pediatrician, her Cardiologist, and last but not least a Pulmonary Specialist! We received a wonderful report from the Cardiologist, her heart looks great... beautiful I believe were his words :) So he recommended that we see a Pulmonary specialist concerning her cough, which we did! She said that had her vocal chord not been paralyzed it would be an easy diagnosis of asthma but considering it was paralyzed and still may be paralyzed she wants us to do a repeat swallow study (our first study in Oklahoma, her last study was done in Dallas) they hope to rule out anything before just labeling it as asthma. The doctor seems to think that she has asthma coupled with vocal chord paralysis causing silent aspiration and possible reflux! She started Lyric on a "trial treatment" to see if treating her for asthma (inhaler), prevacid (reflux), and also we are back to thickening her feeds hoping to give her airway time to completely close off! She is not coughing through the night and is sleeping good again... YAY... but she is still coughing when she is awake and you can hear her breathe from across the room! This is not what we were hoping for considering they are treating 3 different issues but we are taking one day at a time! We go in for her swallow study on June 30Th (far out I know but OU Children's... lets just say they take FOREVER to do anything) Pray that we have wisdom as we move forward! Thank you for all the prayers so far!