Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A heavy heart

Thank you all for the continued prayers on Lyric's behalf, I know that there are so many prayer warriors that come & read Lyric's blog & I am asking for prayer for two very special Heart Family's that we had the honor of meeting while in Texas. Words can not express...

The Stewart's -
Baby Emma was born on Oct the 4th with HLHS & a restrictive atrial septum. She has been through many surgeries & yesterday her parents (Scott & Sarah) were told that it would be in Emma's best interest to place on the heart transplant list. Please pray for them as they come to mind! Emma is such a tough little princess & her parents are two amazing people, loving & giving through it all!
You can follow Emma's blog @

Emma on her 2 month birthday!

Taylor Dale -
I'm Taylor Dale Paul-Cowan I was born March 24th 2010 with HLHS to my mommy Brittany Cowan and daddy Cody Paul I went home for two weeks without my mommy knowing I had HLHS on April 7th I was rushed to Children's Hospital in Oklahoma City where I stayed for a week before they put me on a jet to come to Dallas Children's Medical Center where I have been since April 14th. ( A little information on Taylor)
Brittany & Cody were told today that Taylor has no chance of survival, this is beyond heart breaking & I can't imagine what they must feel as parents. Praying for you always!
Praying for a miracle!
Taylor's blog

Taylor at six months :)

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