Friday, December 24, 2010


As you all know we had an appointment in Dallas this past Tuesday (sorry to be a slacker & just now post) Lyric had a swallow study done & they found that she is having a little trouble swallowing due to her vocal chord being paralyzed. It can't completely close therefore a little bit of her food was "going down the wrong pipe" & she has a little bit of silent aspiration (Silent aspiration is when food, liquids, or stomach contents are swallowed poorly, and go into the lungs by mistake) They have added a thickener to her formula to give her airway time to close off completely. This has seemed to help tremendously... she hasn't coughed very much at all through her feeds!!! They want us to follow up with an Ear, Nose & Thoat Doctor in 6 weeks & have a speech therapist come to the house weekly to keep an eye on her & hopefully get the report that it is getting better :) Thank you for your prayers & please continue to pray for our dear friends

Jon, Amy & Ella
Scott, Sarah & Emma
Cody & Brittany, baby Taylor went home to be with the Lord on December 12th.

Please pray as they come to mind & have a Merry Christmas!
The Nichols

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