Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5th update

We heard from Dallas for the first time today & we now have a contact there! Dr. Day is the cardiologist handling Lyric's case & I spoke with him this afternoon. He was extremely kind & very helpful! He called to asked if the next couple of weeks would be open for us & our families to schedule Lyric's surgery. We have been waiting for this call & are ready but at the same time sooooooo not ready!
We will have her officially surgery date on Monday.
Lyric weighed 9lbs 8oz this morning, she looks & sounds great! We love Lyric's home health nurse, Jennifer... she has been a blessing in so many ways! I will update you the moment we have a date! Thanks to everyone who has prayed to get get us to this place. God has given us much grace so far & we know His grace is sufficient.

A picture to brighten your day... She is growing :)


  1. So glad you are finally getting somewhere! Let us know when you know the date. praying always...she is a doll!

  2. Happy to hear that you are now in contact with the Dallas Dr. We will be praying for you guys, Lyric, and Dr. Day. Love the pic,,looks so cute! Little cupcake:) Love you!

  3. That pic definitely brightens my day! She looks soooo good, Summer! And, that outfit...adorable!;)