Monday, November 8, 2010


We received word from Dallas today & Lyric's surgery is scheduled for the 19th of this month... which is next Friday! The paperwork is not final but the doctor said it will be by tomorrow morning & they will call us with more details of what to expect. Travis, Lyric & I will go down the day before the surgery to meet the doctors, see the hospital, & do one final echo (they will sedate Lyric for this one & it will take about 3 hour) to make sure they know exactly what they are going to do when she goes in for surgery the following morning. We are thankful that we now know when the surgery will be taking place but at the same time this is very scary. It is so hard to think of all that Lyric will endure & it breaks my heart that she will have to feel any pain. I wish every second that I could have the surgery for her & take away the pain that she will face. Please pray for Travis & I to have strength & peace, this by far is the hardest thing we have ever faced. We know that God is so good & only wants the very best for Lyric, we are resting in the promise of His goodness & grace. Thank you for all the prayers!
Thank you for the gifts of love!! We have been so blessed by your generosity & we feel so honored to have such amazing family, friends, & even the love & prayers of those who have never met us! THANK YOU!

Prayer request!!
I am getting a cold! We can not get sick so please pray that it passes & that Lyric stays healthy! Thank you!

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  1. Praying for you guys, as always:) Everytime I look at your page, Brady says, "baby", when he sees Lyric,, we're working on "Lyric", but, it's not happening,lol:) LOVE YOU!