Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lyric is doing so wonderful!! We had her first Thanksgiving here & we have so much to be thankful for!! She is healing very well & is back to her smiley old self! We see such a difference already in her ability to stay awake, eat, & have more energy. The ear, nose & throat doctor came in yesterday and he did a scope test & found that her left vocal cord is paralyzed. This was one of the risk involved in the arch repair, the doctor said that it could repair itself or the right side would over compensate & her voice would be weak. They want to see us back here in three months to see how it looks & decide what they will do next. She has been such a trooper & I'm so proud her! The chemical reaction on her neck is looking good as well... at this point they don't think it will scar. Today we spoke with her Nurse Practitioner, Mellissa (we love her & no that is not a typo on her name) she said that it will take months to see the full effect of the surgery due to her lungs & the rest of her body getting the correct amount of blood flow now. She said that her kidneys, liver, stomach & pretty much everything beside her lungs was not getting enough blood flow & now that they are getting enough they feel a little in shock but that will work itself out over time. She had her IV's removed yesterday & today her the stitches from her draining tubes were pulled!! They have changed her medications around today & we pray that the new plan keeps her blood pressure down! They did an echo yesterday and found that she still has a few small holes but now that it is patched her tissue should grow over them & repair on its own, her arch repair looks amazing & we are so thankful they caught it & were able to repair it! God has been so good to us & has given us so much to be thankful for!

Smiles :)

Trying to talk... still no voice and it is so sad but still soooooo cute :)

Proud Grandparents

Great Grandma Sparks (TooGi)

Playing with her doggie :)

Her first Thanksgiving!!

Big time thumb sucker

Thanksgiving morning

Please continue to pray for the Stewart's, Emma had a very rough day yesterday & it was very scary for Scott & Sarah. They are amazing parents & Emma is such a blessing to them. Pray for them to have strength & for Emma to do well until her next surgery. They will be here until March at which time Emma will have her next to last heart surgery.

Thank you for all the love & prayers!

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