Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prayers and Support

Hey Everyone!! Thanks for all the prayers for beautiful Lyric Elise, sometimes just helping out I get exhausted (and I only do the night time feedings every three nights or so) and I realize how much harder it must be for Summer, Travis and little Lyric. The truth is though, this is just not just a physically exhausting thing, but on top of that it also adds a financial strain to their family. They have insurance through Travis' work, but insurance alone is not enough, they still have to come up with about fifteen to twenty thousand dollars out of their own pocket with deductibles and other expenses. This would put a strain on any one family, but that is where we can help carry the burden. This is not something that Summer and Travis have asked us to do. However, many people have asked how they can help in addition to praying and this is a way you can! We are working on putting up a paypal button (which should be up within two days) so you can donate that way or you can email me at and I can give you an address to mail it to.
Speaking of praying, here is one major request, even as I write this tonight I have stopped to clean up throw up with Summer, this seems to be a consistent problem, we feed her through the tube only to pick her up to lose what seems like all of the food she just took, please pray that this will let up. The doctors say that this is normal but it does not make it any easier.
We have a surgery date and we are so thankful for that, that there is an end in sight on this side of it all, but in reality we know this will still be a long journey.
Thanks for the prayers and support!!

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  1. Thanks so much for the continuing updates. May you be encouraged to know that so many are lifting all of you up before the Lord's throne of grace. And what a mighty God He is! We rest in that grace and love; and know that He will provide everything that's best for Travis, Summer, and baby Lyric.