Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Tubes Are Out!

I am headed back to Oklahoma, but I wanted to let everyone know how Lyric is doing! They took out two more draining tubes from her tummy, and the tube on her neck. They took the catheter out, and Lyric handled it all like a pro. Summer is doing great, and we have received the BEST care from any hospital I have ever been in. they may be moving Lyric up to recover, and out of ICU, sometime in the next 24 hours!! Her feeding tube is back in, which means she is eating through that and not through the IV anymore, which is all great progress! I will update as I hear from Summer and Travis! Keep up the prayers because God is working all over!

Also Summer got to briefly hold Lyric while she lifted her up to change the bed sheets! It was a beautiful precious moment to get to witness!

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  1. Oh, how wonderful to keep receiving these incredible reports! God is magnificent! Praying for you all, continually...