Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bye, Bye, CU ICU!

The last three days we have started new meds, lost all her tubes & wires, started full feeds, she is off oxygen, & out of ICU! She is doing so great & we thank God for he has done! She has a chemical rash on her neck & that is making her very uncomfortable :( It looked awful but is slowly improving! She has been taking my milk & as of today we are having to add back in the extra calories for a little while in order to catch up on the charts! God is good all the time & all the time God is good! Thank you so much for the prayers, we feel so blessed to have so many people saying prayers on behalf of our family!

Losing another tube :)

Holding Lyric for the first time since surgery! So thankful we can hold her again!!

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  1. I love her yellow bow! Praying for the rash to go away quickly and for more and more good news!!