Friday, October 15, 2010


This morning Lyric woke up with a cough, so we called the Dr. and they saw her at 1:00 and said her lungs looked clear, but that she had gained too much weight. I know confusing right? First they wanted her to gain weight and when she did then it was a concern, but the reason that the weight gain is a concern is because the gain was too much over two days, which would mean fluid retention, and not normal healthy weight gain. The concern with this is that the fluid is pooling somewhere like the lungs again. So they decided that to get the most accurate weight reading it would be best if they waited until tonight when the home health nurse came, because she had just weighed Lyric on Wednesday, to assure that it wasn't due to a scale variation.
Tonight when the nurse came she confirmed that Lyric had gained five ounces in two days which is too quick, so they are upping her dosage of the diuretic to see if that doesn't clear up the fluid. The next appointment now is Monday. Most likely adding new medications to get us to the surgery date. Lyric is doing great, considering all she going through. We are getting used to the feeding tube and how everything works here at the house.
We will post on Monday if anything changes.
Thanks again!!

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  1. Oh Summer that must be so hard. Praying for you guys!