Thursday, October 21, 2010

One step closer

We met with the Cardiologist today & he said that Lyric is looking great! She is putting on weight at a more steady pace since they upped her dose of the Lasix & her lung sound clear!! He is sending her file down to Dallas to start the surgery process. We whould be hearing from Dallas within the next week to schedule her surgery date.
We are ready for Lyric to be better & for her to not have to work so hard to breath, eat, & or even just be awake. All ready to see the doctor

She looks like she is being sneaky. Hehe

Our little family! Waiting to see the doctor.

Lyric's wonderful Cardiologist, Dr. Ward.

Even though we have known Lyric would have to have this surgery it is still so very scary to know that within the next couple of weeks it will be a reality.

This evening when we got home this is what was outside our home... fitting don't you think? God is faithful & he has been with us every step of the way! Thank you for all the prayers. We feel so honored to have so many people praying on Lyric's behalf & for our family!

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  1. yay fo the good report! Our prayers are being heard! Still praying!