Monday, October 25, 2010


Lyric weighed in at 8lbs 13oz today! We are so thankful that she is growing & even though she hasn't climbed in her weight the doctor are sure that her lungs are not in any danger do to fluid build up, this is a great report! We hear from Dallas this week & please be praying for our family... anytime we take a moment and think of what lies ahead for our little girl our hearts break. We do our best to cope but to not focus on everything that will be taking place over the next month! We are praying for peace & grace to get through this everyday! Lyric is such an amazing baby & is always smiling... we just look at her & think WOW! God is so good all the time! We thank you all for the gifts of love, prayers, & support! She loves playing with her hands!!
I always tell her that God gave her those hands and we talk about all the things that she can & will do them... She just smiles at me but I know she'll do great things one day and for now she is doing a amazing job at lighting up the lives of those around her :-)

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  1. she is so sweet! I know how you feel...knowing what is coming gets harder everyday. praying...