Monday, October 11, 2010


We went to see Lyric's pediatrician today to monitor her weight, oxygen levels, heart rate, and overall check-up. They had hoped by changing Lyric's eating schedule to every 2 hours that we would be able to put some weight on her but she lost a little weight so they've added some calories to my milk! We think the reason she lost the weight is that she had some extra fluid built up but she was put on medication last week to help with that... we think and are hoping that she has just lost her water weight and will now start to gain!! Good news is that her oxygen level is great & she is still the happiest baby in the world! We go back Friday, we see the cardiologist next Tuesday and then back to the pediatrician next Thursday! We hope to find out more details for the coming weeks on Tuesday from the Cardiologist and will keep everyone posted! Thank you for the prayers and all the love!

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