Monday, October 18, 2010

Update 10/18/10

We started our morning off at Dr. Harmon's office, Lyric is growing which is sooooo great but is still doing it at a rate that is a little faster than the doctors would like to see. Sept 28th Lyric weighed 8lbs 4oz & by Friday October 8th she had gone down to 8lbs 2oz at this time she was admitted into the OU Children's Hospital where we spent the next 5 days. Tuesday the 12th she has released from the hospital at the weight of 8lb 4oz, the Home Health Nurse came by the house on the 13th & Lyric weighed 8lb 5oz. Friday the 15th she weighed 8lb 10oz & today she is up to 8lbs 14oz! Please pray that this is a healthly weight gain & not due to fluid built up somewhere in her body. The Dr. said that she was looking great & very alert :-)
As of right now they are not changing any of her medications until we see the cardiologist on Thursday. We had C.B.C & B.M.P ran on her blood this morning but they said that her blood had hemolyzed (The destruction or dissolution of red blood cells, with subsequent release of hemoglobin) which means as soon as she wakes up from her nap we have to go & do it all over again :-(
Lyric's cough is always a concern because it means that her lungs have excess fluid due to her V.S.D. & if the medications don't work then they may have to place a band to help restrict excess blood flow to her lungs. It is rare that this will happen because they said if they go in they will just fix the hole & not mess with 2 separate sugeries.
We are getting used to the NG tube... she tries to hold on to it, play with it, but then she pulls it & the tape doesn't feel so nice so she is learning to leave it alone. Hard lesson to learn but she is one smart cookie!
Thank you for the prayers & for all the love you send our way!

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  1. Love you guys and praying daily for you and Travis, and for Lyric to 'plump' up and be good and strong for her surgery. Love, love, love!