Monday, October 11, 2010

Aunt Randi's Post on Lyric 10/09/10

Yesterday Lyric had a visit to the cardiologist and when it was all said and done they ended up admitting her to the hospital for feeding tubes and monitoring. They checked her lungs, which they were worried might have some infection in them but everything came back clear, right now they are most concerned with the fact that Summer has tried everything she possible can at home to get her to gain weight and she just isn't...hence the feeding tubes. Summer is still pumping like a champ and Lyric is taking it well:) As of right now they started her on two more types of medication, making three total and now she will stay there to see how she responds and if she starts to gain weight. If she does start to gain weight then she will go home with the feeding tubes and Summer and Travis will continue to 'fatten her up' that way, then they will schedule the surgery from there. If she doesn't gain weight then they will go ahead and move the surgery up. Lyric is handling it all SOOOO well and God continues to work and provide for all three of them. Thank you for your prayers and I will continue to try to keep everyone updated via my blog as much as I can. Thanks again and Thank you God...
Summer is so AWESOME!! (I know I am a little, okay a lot biased) but she truly is doing awesome, pumping and feeding and not sleeping a lot...I am so proud of her!

Daddy and Lyric:))))

After the feeding tube was put in! She slept so great last night!

The hospital volunteer brought Lyric a mobile and she LOVED it!!

Hanging in there like a champ!

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