Monday, October 11, 2010


We went into the cardiologist yesterday because Lyric's cough had become worse and her weight gain was not going so well. After an EKG,
echo & chest xray they decided to admit Lyric into the hospital for monitoring & to place a feeding tube to help Lyric gain weight. Despite everything we tried at home she hasn't been able to get above 8lbs 4oz and is now back down to 8lbs 2oz. As her mom this was very hard... doing everything I could think of and still not being able to fix her... feeling like maybe I wasn't doing enough. The doctors reassured us that we tried everything possible to help Lyric gain weight but her heart is having to work so hard to keep up, let alone put on weight. The first feeding tube did not go in so great (Lyric couldn't stop gagging & turned so white after screaming for what seemed like forever) the nurse had to pull it out and then a couple hours later they tried again and it went in with ease! Other than rubbing her eyes & nose when she is tired she doesn't seem to mind it! They have started her on two additional medication making a total of three, one every 8 hours & the other two at morning & night. This may sound crazy considering we've known about Lyric's V.S.D. for a month now but it all became very real yesterday as they were placing monitors all over Lyric's chest, back & feet... then came the feeding tube and it broke my heart. I know this is nothing compared to what lies ahead so I very quickly pulled myself together, calmed down and was able to rest once again in the fact that she is God's and He has her whole being in His hands! God is good & we're so thankful for all the ways we have seen His hand guiding and protecting us in this chapter of our lives.
Please be praying for Lyric over the next couple days & weeks. She will be here in the hospital until they feel she moving forward if no change is seen in her weight they will be moving up her surgery date. We will most likely be going home with the feeding tube & this is scary to me but I know it maybe Lyric's best bet for getting bigger before her surgery! Thank you again for the love & prayers! We feel so honored to have such support! God is good all the time and all the time God is GOOD!

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