Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Home from the hospital!!!

The Nichols are home from the hospital!!

This morning the nurse weighed Lyric and she has made it back up to 8lbs 4oz... up 2 ounces since Friday! They have mega boosted Lyric's calorie intake, added medications to help her heart work more efficiently and with the tube feeding Lyric is not burning calories trying to eat! She is gaining weight and we pray this continues until surgery. The doctors have yet to set a surgery date because they wanted to see if she was even able to put weight on. Last night before they would even talk about letting them go home they had Summer place a feeding tube in Lyric... she was terrified, but she stopped and got control and did what most moms are never asked to do to their own child. Summer did an amazing job and if the tube comes out at home, Summer now will be able to put it back in on her own without having to go to the E.R. The nurse that taught Summer said she had never had to teach a parent to put a tube into their own child, and they were all quite impressed with Summer's ability to do it, even in that I saw God calm Summer down enough to be able to put it in.

They still have to be super cautious of germs around the baby, due to the fact that Lyric is very susceptible to catching colds and then her lungs would be in trouble, so the best way to encourage them right now is through texts, phone calls and facebook. Thanks for respecting this as it is safer for Lyric, especially headed into flu season.

Once they see the Dr. again we will update as soon as we know.


  1. I just got all caught up on Lyrics blog! Summer you are doing AMAZING!

  2. Just heard about your blog - Darren & I have been praying for you! Hang in there and let us know if there's any way we can help at all. We love you guys!