Monday, October 11, 2010


Today we met with the Cardiologist and the hole is still there. It is the same size that it was 2 weeks ago. They found a piece of tissue that is growing and may have to remove it once inside. They won't know until she is in surgery but if they opt not to remove it... she will go in every 6 months to have it looked at and if they feel that it is becoming a danger she will have to have yet another surgery. Please pray that it is easy to remove or better yet that it gone when get in there. We go back in three weeks and we will be deciding on a location & date for Lyric's surgery. We have the options of Dallas, Tulsa, or Houston. Amy (mother of Ella Dawn) has given us a great report on their experience in Dallas so that is where we are leaning towards.
Lyric is gaining weight (YAY!) and eating well once again!
We tried formula with my milk and that didn't work... longest week of no eating and one really fussy baby :-( So we went back to just my milk and she is doing sooooo much better! She has shots on Thursday, she will only be receiving 3 of the 5 immunizations because they don't want to put any stress on her body. Our prayer is that she gets big & strong for her surgery and that she stay healthy!
Please pray for us to have wisdom on where to go & for Lyric to be a chubby baby ;-) Thank you for the prayers!

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